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HBA Advocacy Update

City of Fargo Inspections Division releases the requirement of blower door tests on all single-family new homes residential permits that were issued in July of 2022.

Below is a memorandum sent by Fargo Inspections Director Shawn Ouradnik:

With the adoption of the 2021 International Residential Code, Section N1102.4.1.2, and the 2021 International Energy Conservation Code, Section R402.1.2, the city of Fargo Inspections Department is requiring blower door tests on all single-family new home residential permits that were issued in July of 2022. This random resting is to gather information on the efficiency of the homes being constructed within the Fargo jurisdiction. The data we collect will be used to formulate a process for future blower door testing if we find that the pass/fail rate is sufficient enough to warrant further testing.

This test must be scheduled with the building inspector so the inspector can be on-site to witness the test and verify that it is performed correctly. We ask that the test be performed when the building thermal envelope is completed so any deficiencies can be accessed and corrected with minimal effort. The results of the test will then need to be submitted to our office and will be included in the records for that permit. If the test fails then the deficiencies must be corrected and another test will be required. The test must show an air exchange rate of three (3) air exchanges per hour or less.

Please contact the Inspections Department at 701.241.1561 to schedule a specific date and time for the inspector to be present for the performance of the blower door test.

Thank you for your assistance with this data collection process.

News from NAHB: House Passes Flawed Inflation Reduction Act

The House passed the Inflation Reduction Act on Aug. 12. Thus gaining the approval it needed to be signed into law. 

Click here to read more about what this means for the housing industry. 

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