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HBA Advocacy Update

Transformer Issues Remain, Mechanical Update from Fargo, NDAB Board of Directors Meeting

Transformer shortage issues remain

Two of our local energy suppliers have given updates regarding transformer shortages. Follow the links below for more details from each. 

Cass County Electric Cooperative continues to work through the struggles of material availability and shipping concerns. Single-phase transformers are at least 52 weeks out, and rubber goods are also experiencing long delays. Read more.

Xcel Energy has been working diligently to address transformer supply challenges and inflation. 

Click here to read more about their efforts. 

Mechanical update from Fargo Inspections Department

The city of Fargo adopted the 2021 International Mechanical, Fuel Gas, and Energy codes in August of this year and have been slowly implementing the new requirements. Starting Jan. 1, 2023, will be stricter enforcement and certain documents must be submitted no later than the final inspection. 

Click here to read the memo and view a "how to" guide on how to submit the necessary documents.  

North Dakota Association of Builders Board of Directors Meeting

Nov. 17-18 was the state board of directors meeting and annual banquet for the North Dakota Association of Builders. Due to inclement weather, one HBA of F-M member was able to attend in-person. However, thanks to technology, others were able to join virtually. 


  • A preliminary policy document was approved. This document outlined NDAB's policy positions at a broader level and will be evaluated each year to make changes. 
  • The main legislative focuses for 2023 will be workforce (getting those under the age of 18 on the job site) and appraisals. 
  • We were fortunate to have Heather Voorman, our NAHB representative at the meeting. She mentioned that 92% of NAHB-supported candidates were elected and that BUILD PAC had a fantastic year of fundraising! Support can happen in three ways: giving money, endorsing, and giving a candidate the Defender of Housing Award. 
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