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HBA Advocacy Update

Horace Items

Land Use Code

The HBA of F-M submitted comments on the proposed Land Use Code after a meeting with stakeholders and a meeting with City Administrator Brenton Holper and Community Development Director Jace Hellman. The public comment period closed on May 5. The adoption hearing will likely be in mid-July.

To note: anything currently in-process should be under the current Land Use Code.

Two-year property tax exemption

Reminder that the two-year property tax exemption for new construction will be discussed at the June 19 City Council meeting. The Association and partners plan to be present and make comments at the meeting.

Recall election

A recall election will take place Aug. 15, 2023, for one City Council seat in Horace, currently occupied by Councilmember Stephanie Landstrom. Landstrom was first elected to the Council in June 2022. 

The recall petition collected approximately twice the required number of signatures, 98 of which were verified.

Minnesota House File 2

The House version of the paid medical and family leave bill passed the House on May 2, 2023, 68-64.

On May 8, the Senate also passed the bill, 34-33.

It will now go to a conference committee where House and Senate members will finalize.

The current House version has a cap at 18 weeks, and the Senate 20 weeks, with the ability to extend to no more than 24 weeks total for pregnancy-related reasons.


Growth Plan

The city of Fargo is in the developing stages of creating a new growth plan. HBA of F-M is part of an advisory group which will meet periodically to provide input. More information to come in the future!

Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) 2023 Action Plan & Budget Proposal and Amendments to the 2021 Action Plan Public Hearing & Public Comment Period

The public comment period runs from May 11 through June 9, 2023, with a public hearing scheduled at the May 30, 2023 City Commission meeting. 

Read the news release here to find more information and access the plan. 


New Lane Closure Permit Submission and Payment System

The city of Moorhead has implemented a new lane closure permit submission and payment system that is required for all right-of-way (ROW) permits requiring traffic control. The new permit application can be found on the Engineering Permits page.

This new permit must be completed for any permit that requires the use of traffic control for sidewalk, roadway or lane closures. These permits will have fees waived for all instances that a ROW excavation permit has been applied for, but the lane closure permit still must be applied for and maintained.

You can submit your temporary lane closure permit through this link. All approvals, inspections and questions regarding the temporary lane closure permit can be addressed to our Traffic Engineer Jon Atkins. The link to all city of Moorhead Engineering permit applications can be found here.

Commercial Building/Contractors Continuing Education Opportunity

The Northwest Chapter of Minnesota Building Officials are hosting a MN Conservation Code for Existing Buildings class June 2, in Detroit Lakes. Four CEUS are available. 

For more information and to sign up, click here

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