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Join in building the Horace Hawks food pantry


Shari Zimbelman, Ben Doyle, Ricot Aladin and Joval Wettlaufer are participants in The FMWF Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Program. The program objective is to envision, develop and bring to fruition real and lasting community change in collaboration with others.

The mission of their Community Change Initiative is to assist Horace High School in building and stocking an in-school food pantry. West Fargo & Sheyenne High Schools each have in-school pantries. The Sheyenne High School pantry has been serving the students at Horace High School.

The goal is to provide food security to the students at Horace High School. This goal has two parts: build the pantry and fill the pantry.

  • The first objective is to fundraise $1,600 to purchase the hardware items needed to get the pantry up and running. 
  • The second objective is to establish community partnerships to conduct food drives to fill and sustain the pantry.

Click here to download/view a donation flyer and an Amazon wish list.

Questions? Contact Shari or Autumn:

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