Thanks for your interest in the Health, Tech & Trades Career Expo. This year's event will be Nov. 30, 2023, at the Fargodome.


Details to review before you register:

  • Each school will be scheduled for a one-hour and fifteen-minute time slot. Please select your preferred time to attend. We do our best to honor each request.
  • Schools are required to sign the Fargodome lease agreement. Click here to download it and review.
    • Please see Section 4B for insurance and additional insured requirements.
    • Schools are required to provide a certificate of insurance. Please upload it during registration if possible. Otherwise email it to Hannah Johnson at
  • We offer breakout sessions in conjunction with the North Dakota STEM Network. These opportunities are only available to our smaller more rural schools bringing a maximum of 25 students. There is only room for 25 students per session.
  • Lunch is not provided for students
  • Students are the responsibility of the counselors, teachers, and chaperones. The Fargodome will be filled with hands-on activities for students to take part in. We encourage them to explore.

Resources for schools attending the Expo

Once you are a registered school for this event, the details below will help you have a successful experience. As the event gets closer we will include detailed information on STEM sessions and links to the resources listed below for educators and students.

Survey Distribution to Students

Due to an agreement with The Dakota Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Inc., we respectfully ask that you have your students complete the following surveys before attending the event and after attending the event. Their feedback is extremely valuable! Additionally, here is a Faces of Manufacturing flyer to share with your students that showcases the perspectives of people who chose to work in this industry.

STEM Session Overview

Since 2015, the Expo has hosted engaging STEM sessions for groups of students coming to the F-M area from rural communities (groups of 25 or less) to provide more educational opportunities on this day off-campus.

  • Sessions are designed as hands-on opportunities that will develop an interest in a variety of health, tech and trades careers.
  • Each session is 60-75 minutes long and are held three times on the day of the Expo.
  • See below for session details.

Session 1

Dive into Coding & 3D Design with Revel Digital


Ted Rosenbaum


Here is an exciting educational session designed to ignite your passion for technology, coding, and creative design!


In this hands-on workshop, ninth graders will have the opportunity to explore the world of Raspberry Pi, learn the basics of coding and dive into the fascinating realm of 3D design using open-access CAD software.

Session 2

Solving Crimes through Science & Tech with ND Bureau of Criminal Investigation


Special Agent Dan Heidbrede


This session offers a unique opportunity for ninth graders to explore the world of forensics and the crucial role technology plays in solving crimes.


It's an engaging and educational experience that exposes students to real-world applications of science and technology in a compelling context.

Session 3

Essentia Pharmacy Medication Compounding

Riley Steenhoek, PharmD
Maari Loy, PharmD, BCPS, MBA


Get ready for an adventure like no other as you embark on a journey into the exciting world of medication compounding! Learn about exciting pharmacy careers and how you can make an impact!


You will dive into a fun-filled world of lotion-making by creating your very own custom lotion to take home.

Exhibitor/Career Builder Lists

Please review this list to see which exhibitors/career builders are coming to the expo!

Career Clusters

A great first step in exploring a professional career in North Dakota is to investigate the sixteen Career Clusters and the associated pathways to that profession.

  1. Agriculture, Food & Natural Resources
  2. Architecture & Construction
  3. Arts, A/V Technology & Communications
  4. Business Management & Administration
  5. Education & Training
  6. Finance
  7. Government & Public Administration
  8. Health Science
  9. Hospitality & Tourism
  10. Human Services
  11. Information Technology
  12. Law, Public Safety, Corrections & Security
  13. Manufacturing
  14. Marketing
  15. Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics
  16. Transportation, Distribution & Logistics

A related activity has been developed for students to utilize at the Health, Tech & Trades Career Expo in Fargo.

  1. Please use the worksheet below before the Expo to help students identify their top three career clusters.
  2. Encourage your students to use the questions for exhibitors linked below to learn more about the careers that suit their interests and aptitudes!
  3. Exhibitors will be placed into Career Clusters and identified with color-coded signage in their exhibit.
  • Student Career Cluster Survey Worksheet
    • If your school does not have access to which is referenced in the above worksheet, use this survey instrument.
  • Questions for students to ask exhibitors (includes Career Cluster color-coded key)
  • As the expo gets closer, we will link the 2023 exhibitors and their corresponding career clusters here.

In addition, you and your students may also explore the following resources:

School Attendance and Bus Schedule
Please review the schedule. If you have any questions, contact Denise Jonas at (701) 446-1008.


Dropping off students: Buses should drop students off at the main entrance on the EAST side of the Fargodome.


Students will have approximately one hour to view exhibits. Arrival and departure times can be found on the schedule above.


Picking up students: Buses should pick up students on the WEST side of the dome.

  • For pick-up, buses may stage in parking lot on the west side of the Fargodome and then pull onto Albrecht Avenue when loading time comes.
  • For schools with multiple buses and/or generic bus logos, we suggest placing signage in the bus window to communicate your school district to help students locate their appropriate bus. See below for more tips in gathering your students to ensure they get on the correct bus.
    • School Colors: We encourage your students to wear your school colors for easy identification.
    • Adult chaperones: Please bring three large banners, flags or signs with school names on them. We've found it may be helpful for an adult chaperone to stand on the west side departure staircase with one sign, one sign for the concourse area for lining up and one for the bus driver(s) to display, ensuring students get on the correct transportation.

Tips and reminders on supervision, social media etc.

Student Supervision: Upon arrival, teachers will be assigned to supervise the restroom areas and the bleachers in the departure area. Students may use the field level Southwest Corner restrooms. Also, please encourage teachers to help students experience all the exhibits and help the flow. Teachers are welcome to participate in the hands-on activities the exhibitors provide. 


Social Media: Please use the hashtag #FargoCareerExpo when posting about your events. We encourage students to use their phones and post about their experience on social media: and

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